BNS AGM Sunday

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So, tell us about it? What board member changes happened?

Would’ve gone, but had to work…

I only know what day it was on. 0 interest in whatever happened.

Although, I am a little curious as to whether DH licenses will cost the same as everyone else’s or will my fees continue to subsidize the DHers. With so many gravity events on the schedule you would think that its time for the DHers to step up and pay their fair share.

Hey Randy,

I ended up begin voted on as the new VP of MTB Comp. I get what you are saying as far as event numbers go. I don’t know what the licensing costs BNS pays to Cycling Canada are for each rider but can and will find out.

In the mean time think of if this way, an regular full licence gets you access to all events where as they DH race licence doesn’t so it make since that it would cost less as you get say 4 races rather then a dozen.

Anyway, I’ll look in to it.


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Yeah, that kind of makes sense, except that DH relies on the same pot as XC and Road. Congrats on the new position, have fun with it.

So for reference only 5 riders used the DH only option in 2014. I don’t have previous years number in front of me but will try and get them. I’m fairly positive that worst case BNS is breaking even on the DH only licence and would not be taking a loss on them. I will confirm this thou.

I know that some rides, my self included started off with the DH only and moved on to getting a full licence as they got more interested in racing. So in that since it’s been good for growth.

Yeah, its ok, I know what the costs are for BNS and it is break even situation so don’t go looking into it. Its only peanuts really, I’m just voicing some things I’ve heard where people think it is unusual for this one group (regardless of the numbers involved) getting a break on their fees where everyone else is expected to pay full price. The logic in the past was ‘well there’s only so many DH events’ (funny that, I remember paying full pop when there were only 5 xc events in the provinces) but now with a full slate, why not expect to pay full price?

Don’t worry about it, in the end everyone pays whatever they have to pay on the form and goes to the races and has fun, thats all that matters.

Seeing as how you were there, who filled the remaining positions? Any word on whether licenses will cost more?

Presidents - Susanna Fuller and Lola Doucet
Past President - Jamie Lamb
Registrar - Allan Scott
VP MTB Comp - Ryan Lindh
VP Road Comp - Zachary Steinman
VP Coaching -Simon Myatt
VP REBA - Madeline Lawler
VP MBTORA - Keith Croucher
VP BMX - Adam Barry
Events Coordinator - Martin Austin
VP Marketing - Alan Avis
Secretary - Sherry Huybers

Support Staff
BNS Administrator - Sarah Wood
Bikeways and Blue Route Implementation - Ben Buckwold
Communications - Adam Barnett
Website/IT Support - Kyle Hebb

I have to say having Susanna Fuller as co-president is probably one of the best things to happen to BNS, she is kick-ass at getting things done! Lola is no slouch either, what a great team.