BNS Race 1 - The Empire Strikes Back


Hey all you xc racer types. Sunday will be the first race of the year for the BNS points series on the world renowned gore course.


Sounds like a good time, gore was always one of my favourite courses wet or dry.


Can you please post a link to the registration, I can’t find it anywhere.




Hoping this gets updated!


Registration is open:


Trails have been worked on and in great shape, a little rain will not hurt them. Sign up and enjoy the weekend.


I made it over for a pre lap yesterday. Place was riding great, much fun was had. Will be back on Sunday.


How did the race go today?

I hope it was a success!


It was awesome! Great people!


Good times. First race I’ve done in a long time.


Yes. That was a great race. Thumbs up to organizers and volunteers.