Bon Fire/Ride

The cottage is open (kinda) and I have a bunch of wood to burn! Wanna help?

I am hosting a shop ride for Valley Stove and Cycle on Saturday, May 12th at 3:30 and planning on heading to the cottage post ride. The cottage still needs a little cleaning, but it’s open enough to burn some wood, and have a beer.

On Sunday morning, for those not doing Mother’s day stuff, I am heading to Irishman’s road for a rip. Let’s say about 9am.

What: Bon Fire at cottage
Where: Cottage (google j57 Spud ave, ellershous)
When: Saturday, May 12th, 6:45

What Part two: Ride at Irishman’s
Where: Irishman’s road
When: 9am, Sunday May 12th

Cottage is byob, bring some snacks, and a sleeping bag if you plan to stay the night.