Bowater Fat Bike Ride

I’m going for a fat bike ride on the Bowater trails tomorrow morning. Total distance should be around 10-15 km. Maybe more, maybe less. The trails are mixed hard snow and frozen loam, with some ice and mud for good measure.

Where: Bowater Trails. Meet at Bike & Bean for 9:30 AM departure.

Difficulty: intermediate - advanced

Notes: Dress warmly. Bring a bell for the SMB trail portion. Studs recommended.

This is not an official ECMTB ride.


Gonna join you dude.

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Thanks for the guided tour back to the trailhead @supercraig

First time in Bowater and I was feeling the lack of cardio and holiday excess…and maybe the lack of studded tires.


That wind was brutal.

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Can imagine! Def a ‘stay in the bush’ day if possible. Any ice in the singletrack??

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A few patches, nothing terrible. There is good traction on the descents.


Yup very rideable and bit snowy around funny bone… bit of coverage on Shoreline but all rideable… icy in a few spots (road up) but all rideable with a normal trail bike…

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