Bowater Hero Dirt Sunday

The forecast for this Saturday night is cold and clear, that means hero dirt conditions. Conditions should be prime for riding the Bowater trails on Sunday. This ride will be approximately 20km on a mix of rail trail, double track, and blue to single black difficulty technical single track. We’ll be riding on Knuckle Buster, Jigsaw, Funny Bone, Number 8, E-Z Money, The Curse, Stage Dive (Jigsaw exits), and the rail trail. The difficulty will be intermediate/advanced, but nobody will be left behind.

My plan is to be at the Trail Station Bike & Bean for coffee and a breakfast cookie around 9ish, and rolling out by 9:30 AM. This should have us off the trails and at Cavicchi’s for post-ride brews and bites around 12:30.


Sonny’s Road Parking Lot Google Maps
Bowater Mersey Rd. Parking Google Maps
Behind the Train Station Bike & Bean Google Maps

Where: Bowater Trails, Head of St. Margarets Bay
Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced

Notes: dress warmly

This is not an official ECMTB ride.


Wish I could make it! Enjoy!

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Craig that sounds like fun, unfortunately I’ll be out of town. :frowning:

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Was just thinking about these trails this week since I only get out there during the winter.
I’m away this wknd but what’s the lowdown on the condition of the network? Same as last winter or did they get abused during the summer?
Absolutely love riding that place when conditions hit.

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There is definitely a little accelerated damage in Knucklebuster and erosion along the lake edge trail, but overall it’s in very good shape. There’s also some new stuff that has absolutely incredible corners.


Definitely keen. I’ll speak to the boss about our plans and get back to you.

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I’ve been dying to ride up there but I’ve dislocated my left knee cap and have a month before bikes again. Next time!

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Didn’t see that coming! I woke up on the couch at 5:30 and made my way to bed and saw a few flakes falling but nothing on the ground!

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Conditions were “unique”, but really fun.

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They certainly were unique. I’ve never seen snow and leaves pack up and stick to a tire like that. Cool to see so many out there enjoying the winter conditions!