Bowater trail FYI

Just a heads up regarding Bowater trail’s parking and anyone who ventures up the Hiking Trail Road. The exit onto the highway is a right turn only now with a barricade. You’ll have to drive up to exit 5A and turn around if you’re heading back into Halifax. The new overpass is ongoing and that will soon change the entrance as far as public access goes so keep an eye out for changes


Can you use the overpass to get to the 3?

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You should be able to. I was there a few days ago and it was fine.

I rode across the overpass today. The guardrails are currently getting installed. There was no flagging or road closures, but the equipment on the overpass would probably make it awkward to drive though.

The solution to this is obviously to park at the Train Station Bike+Bean, grab a pre-ride coffee and snack and then finish up there with a post-ride beer and a meal.

  1. Only a 5 min ride to the trailhead.
  2. coffee
  3. beer

People drive to ride their bikes? j/k


Standby for people getting naked and drinking beer on the side of the Highways. Gonna be lit.


you can also park at the bottom of Bowater Mersey Rd. at St. Margarets Bay Rd. (RIP my KOMs).

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You can no longer access hiking trail rd via car on the 103 southbound. It has been ditched and rock barriers on in place. Access hiking trail rd via the #3 as seen in the map above.


Thanks for the head’s up.