Brake bleed kits?

Slowly building my cycling tool kit and would like to bleed the brakes on my Stumpjumper before I sell it this spring (doing things like putting new pads, chain etc) and be able to bleed the brakes on my Revolver on my own when needed. Was looking at the SRAM, Jagwire and other bleed kits and saw they were pretty pricey. Also saw the kit from Epic Bleed Solutions Bleed Kit for SRAM Brakes & DOT Fluid - £24.99 | Epic Bleed Solutions that looked to offer the same stuff for less than half the price.
Anyone have any experience with the Epic Bleed kits?

I don’t have any experience with their brake bleed kits, but I have their damper bleed kit and just recently ordered more fluid from them. No complaints about them from me!

Be VERY careful to verify if you need a Bleeding Edge kit for your SRAM brakes. The normal basic syringe kits are not compatible with them. I recently went through this. This kit looks to have it, but I made the mistake of getting one without it.