Brake bleed

How often do u guys get a brake bleed?

For me, depending on how much DH or bike park use it sees, but usually get it done yearly regardless. One season though with several weekends of DH use on old Hayes nines I had to bleed them twice. You’ll know when it’s time :grimacing:

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When they need it. Had some go years, others needing bleeding twice a year.

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Thanks guys. Need a couple things done on my bike this week so if i dont need to bleed them yet ill hold off. Seem to be braking fine not as good as new but safely. The bike is only a year old.

What brakes are on your bike? I use shimano brakes and I find that I need to bleed them if the bike has being sitting for an extended period. Sometimes a simple lever bleed is all you need with shimano.

I also have shimano brakes

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