Brake pads

Prob bit of a newb question but are shimano brake pads interchangeable or do i need the exact pads for my caliperr.
Ive looked around online and cant seem to find the exact pad for my cailpers

There are a few different models of pads for sure… exactly what is the brake model you have? It is usually written or cast into the brake lever in very small print. Should be a number like BR-M615 for example.

I couldnt find anything on them but i found the specs online for my bike amd its says the brakes they r Shimano m355.
Ill take a better look in the morning but im pretty sure theres nothing on the levers or calipers
When i google m355 brake pads i get nothing

Those brakes Shimano BR-M355 take Shimano B01S brake pads:


Thats awsome. Thanks man apprecaite it

I assume its prob best to get actual shimano pads instead of some random brand from amazon?

Other brands may work but every bike shop in the city should have B01S pads in stock. They are very common pads that sell for around $15.

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Right on. Thanks again man