Brake replacement help?

Hello everybody!

At the start of the season I noticed that my brake levers had oil on them, I didn’t think much of it because I had just bless them and thought some may have gotten on it then. From that point they have gotten way worse, I expected this to happen and so I was looking for some new levers to replace mine. But I can’t find the same Slx model anywhere (bike from 2015). Any suggestions? Anyone selling some or know where to buy them for a reasonable price? Thanks

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Try aliexpress if you can’t find anything local. Just did a quick search and found a bunch that might work. Not sure your specific model but these look similar.

Shimano SLX M675

Only downside is free shipping is aprox a month.

I’ve found a lot of older parts on there when I can’t find them locally.


Between Ebay, Ali, ChainReaction, Jensen USA you should be able to find a set if LBS doesnt have them in or not at a fair price. Sometimes you can get a full set for dirt cheap. Like 70 to 100 bucks. Calipers and hoses etc.

I will check the exact model, but that looks to be the one. Thanks!!!

You’re going to spend $30 on AliExpress and wait a month, plus i’d also only buy AliExpress items with AliPay (which adds 8% to your order but insures your purchase). Alternatively you can upgrade to a new SLX lever, hosing, caliper for $130 (additional $90) or just the lever for $50 (additional $10). Shimano states that you can mix and match their levers; however, you’d have to make sure the hosing fits…I’d just upgrade the whole system for an extra SRB.


Bought slx front brake set at CC for 100+ bucks . Installed in 5min.

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You likely just need a bushing rebuild kit and some new oil. Rebuild Kits and oil are cheap and common.

Jenson has the whole replacement lever for cheap.

That’s the newer style level. It may be backwards compatible, but I wouldn’t want to buy that without doing some research first.

Couldn’t find any rebuild kits for my brakes unfortunately. Does Jenson ship to Canada?

Jensen has great shipping. No suprise charges and 2 or 3 days it will be here. Never had a bad experience with them or CRC.

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