Bridge Replacement at Grant Rd. Trails

Been a while since I’ve posted, so I figured I’d share that a group of us local residents and members of the Beaverbank ATV club, Nova Scotia Offroad Riders Association, and the Drift Climbers Snowmobile club have been conducting maintenance to the K Road that runs through the trails between Grant Rd and Holland Rd. I remember there being a bridge here years ago between Kenrick and Snakeline that has since rotted away, so we replaced it this summer for the benifit of all users.


We also built a bridge last year over Tannery Brook to the south on the K road, near Brookhill Dr. Subdivision.



Our goal is to maintain the K road from Grant Rd. To Holland Rd. For all trail users, as a true mixed use trail. Last year we installed a lowering device on a large beaver dam near triple bog to re-expose a km long section of the road that was under 3 feet of water. Next on the list is the bridge over triple bog, and draining of large mud and water holes. The entire road should be passable by foot, mtb, horse and ohv within the next year. All work is sanctionned by Natural Resources and Transportation & Infrastructure.


Awesome to hear the old Cobequid road is being fixed and maintained end to end. Kudos to all those involved!

Was hiking some of the Cob trails yesterday for the first time in 3 years and was stoked to see maintenance being done and new little features being added…

Was that you up there riding yesterday Paul? Seen a BMW at the trail head as we were leaving and though it might be you.


Wasn’t me, was away for the weekend. Not sure who has been adding features, but we noticed them too while hiking there earlier in the spring, the trails look great! We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us oon the “K” road, but it’s enjoyable. Only one more brook crossing to fix up, then on to remediating the mud holes!

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