Brookvale and Bonshaw

Does anyone know what the conditions are like at Brookvale or Bonshaw? Heading to the island on the weekend and want to know if I should bring my bike.


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Mountain bike PEI FB page says conditions are great. Bring that bike !!

I was in PEI over the weekend.

Bonshaw is great right now. A huge amount of work has gone into tree cleanup, and it shows.

The Strath side still has a trail or two closed (Beeches is closed IIRC). But a lap with Bonshaw is still possible. Goat trail is open.

Brookvale: I heard from two locals that a big part is still closed, including everything on the
Coastline side. This is what Trailforks shows too. So we did not go. It sounds like the Fiona impacts were huge at BV.

A PEI friend said Cardigan is good, and has new trail too, but we were happy running laps at Bonshaw so didn’t check it out.


I believe only green machine, blue nuit, black fly and twisted shifters are open at brookvale. Reported by some friends who rode there Saturday.

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Can confirm that Cardigan is lots of fun. We rode it last year on a Thirsty Thursday ride in late August, and with permission rode the new section. It’s much more flow than technical, but a nice way to round out the riding variety in PEI. Trail 13 is the newest trail in the system.

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Thirding Cardigan. Rode it last fall. Really fun.

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Thanks everyone. Brought the bike. Will try to get to Brookvale today or tomorrow maybe - depends on how quickly everything dries up here. And I will add Cardigan to my list.

Thanks again!

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Headed over tomorrow. Looks like it might be a crappy weekend but taking our chances. We won’t ride if it is wet but are there any further trail reports?

We arrived early afternoon on Friday and got 90 minutes in at Brookvale before it started to rain. No riding at all on Saturday as it rained steadily all day. Similar to the weather in Nova Scotia I think. Went back to Brookvale this morning to ride for a couple of hours before heading home. It is crazy to see how quickly the trail dried out. Lots of riders and not a Puddle

Green Mile and Blue Nuit were open as was Coastline but a new temporary line has been cut near the end to keep you off damaged trail. The new double black (Dark Side) was fun but we definitely missed a piece of it somehow. Black Fly was open but we figured that would be a grind in the wet woods so we didn’t bother. Despite the somewhat limited trails choices and a rained out Saturday it was a fun weekend with the crew.

Oh and Brookvale is insanely fun. If you haven’t been there before plan on going as soon as possible


Looking forward to getting back there. I really enjoyed it last year, even though it was on the fatty in August.