Brookvale PEI

Hey everyone,

Traveling to the island this upcoming weekend for a family gathering and hauling the mountain bike with me. I remember riding Brookvale yeaars ago and there was no fee to do so.

Is this still the case ? Or is there a daily rate with all the new trails / maintenance being done ?

Still 100% free, compliments of the PEI government.


Thanks @Rolls

That is unbelievable !

Thank you PEI. It was a great time 12 years ago so I’m looking forward to it!

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You’ll have a blast!

Really looking like it.

Any must ride trails to recommend ?

Plamu and blue nuit , green machine

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Blue Nuit is probably the trail I ride the most, but the jump line on Surf ‘N’ Turf is so much fun. If you’re into tech and ups and downs, Twisted Shifters is an absolute riot, but its black diamond and absolutely reflects that. Unlike other black diamond trails in the Maritimes that seem to just have the odd black diamond feature.



Can you ride any of the old DH trails that were right on the old ski hill or are they all closed now ?

Never tried to ride them to be honest, the first time I went they were closed, subsequent times after that I never ventured to that side of the park, though Plamu is likely one of the most fun courses there, so worth the trip. Worth the climb.


Thanks for the insight.

Cheers !

I’ve been there twice this summer. Both times the trails were in excellent condition. Good range of trails for all skill levels to enjoy, and very well maintained.

I thought I read somewhere they have a waitlist for volunteers for the club that maintains the trails there.


I truly wish I lived closer than 4 hours from there, I’d be going much more frequently.



All I can say.

Rode around 30km total over 2 days and covered all the trails but 2 or 3. The entire park is in excellent condition, very smooth fast flowy hard packed trials with great berms and no loose dirt .What more can you ask for ? With some tech trails thrown into the mix if that’s what your into.

You know a trail is well built if you can do 80% with no brakes the first time riding it, that’s how I found most of the trails in the park. Gaps jumps were set perfectly with the speed you carry on the trail without working to hard for it or continuing to peddle. Just so well built.

Anyone thinking of taking the trip, Please do !! You will not be disappointed.

Oh and if you do, Let me know I’d love to go back !!