Does brookvale close if its raining a bit. Google maps is saying closed or is that just cuz of sking?

It’s not made very clear is it? I can’t see why they would be closed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the summer. Especially this summer with things opening again.

Im confused im at the ski hill now but i dont think im in the right place

@DEBO you’re at the wrong place. The MTB trails are always open and are located here:

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Im in the right place now. Do u pay for use at all or just go?

It’s a provincial park… free all day every day.

All sorted out. Thanks Rolls
Sidenote bleu nuit is more fun than when i was a kid :wink:


Should have stayed up longer. Lol



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Beat me to it hahaha

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As my son asked me the other day when we rode Brookvale, ‘Dad, what’s Blue New-it?’

‘Well, son …’



And you replied ??? :joy::rofl:

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‘It was what passed for pornography before we had the internet!’


Blue knew it… blue from olds school he knew alot of things lol

Can anyone recommend a campsite close by. Thinking of heading over this week to check PEI trails out.


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Rode there yesterday, trails are phenomenal. Twisted shifters is the rooty technical slide show that I love bombing. Blue Nuit into Black Fly into Twisted Shifters is a great but punishing loop.

Hoping to maybe get out there tomorrow.


Since it seems a few of you may be out here, I’m getting up early tomorrow morning to try and beat the heat. Going to aim to be at Brookvale for about 830-900am if anyone wants to meet up.

Message for my number if you like, fun to ride with others especially at different skill levels. I am planning to walk a few sections over and over to work on improving some specific skills.

Well, I managed to get two days of riding in at Brookvale during my week on the island, and I have to say that it is well worth the drive to ride there. I managed to get a run in on all of the trails other than one of the double black diamonds near the road, and most of the blues I got 5-6 runs in on. The trail design and difficulty levels exceeded my expectations, and the flow trails are the most fun I’ve had in a long time!

If you’re wondering if its worth the trip, it is. I can’t wait to get home and figure out when I can return next.