Skill Level: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

Location: Brookvale, PEI

Trail Head: Brookvale Nordic Centre

Trail Forks: Brookvale

Website: Brookvale


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Saw this on the Brookvale FB page. Sweet new flow trail just opened there. Apparently there is even more new trail coming.


Sweet mutha!

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I’m here now. It is better than it looks. Jump lines and stacked deep and tight berms.

No time to think… just do. Super fun.


I’m in PEI but it was an unexpected trip so I didn’t get to bring my bike. Definitely want to nest time.

Pictures or it didn’t happen?! :grinning:


@jeffv heading there next week - is the new stuff easy to find?

Yes its all connected now.

I think an annual PEI camp & ride is in order. Brookvale and Bonshaw are just way too good.


What trails in NS would Brookvale be the most like? I’m on the island this week and trying to decide if I’m skilled enough to ride there.

You should be good. The trails progress from easy to advanced. I had my nephew (9) and daughter (10) in there a few weeks back. The loved it.

As you get into the intermediate trails you will get into banked berms and step ups and pumps. While easy, they would not be good for a connected canine, I suspect. I let my dog run off leash there but he’s good that way. Just make sure it is not a busy day and rifle range is not open I guess.

@sarah, I’d say it’s comparable to Gore, but better. There’s something there for every skill level. If you’re worried about getting in over your head stick to the “Green Machine” and “Blue Nuit” loops. They are beginner friendly flow trails (no rocks or roots) but still tons of fun for experienced riders (i.e fast).

If you’re in the area you should check out Bonshaw too. 20 kms of nothing but fast flowy and buff singletrack.


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Awesome! Thanks!

I am here today and going to check check them out.


I went a few days ago and it’s an excellent mix of clean beginner trails, flowy jump trails, all the way to more difficult rocky rooty sections in the back. Highly recommended, and most trails have a sign to tell you the difficulty at the entrance which makes navigation a bit easier.

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I’d love to hear what you think!


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Wow, that was fun! Great berms! Did I mention the berms? The wall ride was cool too.