Brunello Riders

Curious is anyone here that rides Brunello semi regularly?

Sounds like there is 3k more coming. Anyone in the area that would be riding it for a quick spin or with kids?

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Nah… rode it once in December… I don’t have kids but it’s not worth paying $6 for a blue trail

my kids like it, fun to take the family every once in a while. The singlespeed keeps it fun. Haven’t been there yet this year, another 3k would be great! I’ve read on their website that they have planned another 10-15km (!) of trails. If they keep the fees the same, that would be awesome. There’s also the trail access fee through bicycle NS membership.


I’ve heard that after this expansion the access fees will be covered if you have a BNS membership.


Any new trails opened up there yet? I’ve seen teasers on the bicycle ns racing and trail flow Facebook pages

So we are waiting on signs in order to open up the new trails at Brunello. The new trails cross all over the golf cart paths so there is a lot of directional signage for Brunello to put up before it can be opened. As always i’ll let you know when I know things are opening.

Also i’ve been told that if you are a BNS member you do not need to pay each time you ride but @elleDEE would be able to speak better about that. :slight_smile:


Word from Brunello is the trails are now fully open. With the new stuff they said they have about 11 or 12 kms now.



Can anyone confirm BNS members don’t need to pay the fees? I have heard the people at Brunello are unaware of this.

Cool! Thanks Brunello, TrailFLow, BNS, whomever else is making it happen!

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I believe its trailflow. Saw their trailer there back in December when i checjed it out

Is there a map of new trail locations?

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It is on Trailforks but hidden… @Trailflow has not made them publicly visible yet, if they are open I’d imagine that will happen soon.


Went for a quick spin there this afternoon. Found 2 newer trails. Not sure if they are still working on them or not.


The new trails are up on Trailforks now. Doing a quick sum of all the trails including the new ones gives me 6.2 km, they must be counting distance of all the trails in both directions to get 12.

The Links at Brunello, Timberlea Mountain Biking Trails | Trailforks


I have an email from BNS confirming that you do not have to pay to access the Brunello trails if you have a BNS general membership.