Building Bikes For Ghana, looking for participants

Hi guys, just came across this site - great forum for East Coast cycling. I’ve visited Nova Scotia many times and last time I was there I got to bike through Halifax and trek along the arm. August/September in Hali is beautiful.

Anyway, I’m posting here because as fellow cyclists & bike lovers I thought this may be a good spot to help spread the word about The Bicycle Factory, which is an initiative I’m working with that builds bikes for people in Ghana.

If you’re not familiar with The Bicycle Factory it’s a fun promotion that gives people the opportunity to help send up to 5,000 bikes to Ghana. Participants also have a chance to win a trip to Ghana to help deliver the bikes.

It’s easy, fun and for a good cause, and all the details are online now at 

I hope you’ll check it out and if you have any questions or anything please let me know,