C. 1970's Eaton's TruLine Cobra MK II 10 Speed

My Personal: Why I am right for you :wink:

It may be my physical appearance that drew you over but I am much more than my shiny chrome and painted good looks. Intended for everyday riding, my upright design means comfort. But under the hood I have ten speeds to get you around town in a hurry. However, don’t feel we need to rush or work hard to have fun together, just find a gear you like and we’ll cruise all day long. Except for my new tires and a few cables, I’m all original. A chrome WALD wire basket or Pink Peterboro Basket would look so good on me and then we could do so much more together. I am looking for someone who is around 5’6” to go places with. How does coffee sound; I know a great little shop…Let’s go for a ride!

Learn more at: http://freelanderbicycles.com/collections/classic-bicycles/products/c-1970s-eatons-truline-cobra-mk-ii-10-speed

This bicycle has been completely restored. See Option 1: Bicycle Restoration