Camp and Ride at Fitz

Hey all,

I’m going to be camping and riding Fitzpatrick Mountain in June and guess what… you’re all invited!!!

Saturday, June 21st:
Ride Fitzpatrick Mountain: 1 until supper.
You have to ride up at least once to show your stuff but maybe we can find someone with a truck to shuttle us up to top for tips.

Birchwood Campground
Its a nice family friendly campground. (I’m already booked with my family and some friends)
10k rails to trails ride from Fitzpatrick.
Covered community eating area (with a BBQ, I think)
Swimming pool and Pirate Ship for the kids

Highlights in the area:
Uncle Leo’s Fine Ale - Pictou (just minutes from Birchwood, brewery only not a pub though)

Pictou County Pizza from Acropole Pizza in Pictou

Let me know what you think!, I’ll be there that’s for sure. – Cheers!

[size=70]PS: My wife says she ain’t cookin’ for y’all.[/size]

This forum needs a LIKE button. Oh well…

May have to take a day off work for this!

Riderx, please do, lets make this happen!

Sorry, wife had the campground already booked so I went for it.

Keppoch is pretty close as well!

Yeah Rally_kia, I was thinking of suggesting that (or Wentworth) for Sunday after checkout.

How do I convince the wife on going camping with a bunch of guys I don’t know?

Hi, I’m Jeff.

I’m definitely in for Saturday night and Sunday. Just save me a space to put up my tent, a place by the fire and a couple cold beer!

Awesome news! Uncle Leo’s offered to sweeten the ride… more to follow… :wink:

fyi… Uncle Leo’s is a micro brewery.


Still planning to be there for Sat night. And hopefully the rain will stay away for Sunday.

I’m in. Gonna make it up for the ride.

Excellent news! Save some time for a post ride beer!

keep in mind that there will be some folks going up to the kep on sunday.

I lied. I am not in. Another time I will get to ride there for a first time.

No problem Snider, maybe we can organize an “Ultra/Mac” ride some time. Got a few people here who would be up for it.



Should I be booking my own site? If so, where is your site so to get one close by.