Camp-n-Ride at Fitz - 18 Jun 2016

57 bottles for $110 @ $1.93 each.

Strangely growlers are a better deal. I can fill up 9 growlers it is 54 bottles for $90

We may not have the numbers to justify a keg but maybe 6 growlers with assorted brews to sample.

Or even 10 growlers and we can auction off a couple. (hmm… that’s not legal is it…)

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I like this idea…maybe even auction off who has to drink the IPA :slight_smile:

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I will make up for Karla and the kids I am sure…a man’s gotta hydrate!

Carb loading.

My plans have changed and I will be heading up on Saturday evening after work. I will be able to take in the Sunday ride, assuming there will be a Sunday Ride?

Where will people be meeting on Saturday afternoon?
I’ve never ridden the area, and would like to give it a go in hopes I can get a little tour.

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Sure thing. We meet at the Scotsburn ball field / elementary / trailhead at 1pm.

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Fitzpatrick Mountain

Google street view of parking lot

Tent site is booked for Saturday night. I’ll most likely show up at the campground before the ride.

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Anyone doing a day trip and have room for @Nathan and his bike? He says he’ll chip in on gas.

I am booking in for Friday night also. leaving work early so should be there around dinner time :smile: Unfortunately there will be 0 space for extras. barely enough room for me in my care when packed for camping :wink:

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I knew that already, @xaero! lol.

I’m really looking forward to this one. I think its going to be a blast!

I just looked at this and the fam and I are driving up Saturday morning as my wife is running Johnny Miles on Sunday.

I spent this past weekend there, riding close to 50 k on Saturday and Sunday. If I can swing it with the wife as a Father’s Day present, I will definitely try to make the afternoon ride, or at least part of it. Hopefully my legs will handle the climbing again…


@Nathan is still looking for a lift if anyone can squeeze him in.

We’ll meet at the trail for 1pm. Looking forward to it!

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I’ll be there for 1 as well.

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Sounds great, @joshm! Looking forward to it!

@CyclingGirl and I will be coming late. Have a wedding shower to go to. We’ll see you on the trails. Leaving Halifax 12:30ish. We have room for one if @Nathan still needs a ride.

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Well that was fun… 10 riders, lots of hill, lots of beer, tonnes of fun!

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