Camp-n-Ride at Fitz - 18 Jun 2016

Hey all,

We had so much fun at the last two year’s Camp n Ride events that I’m doing it again this year!

Saturday, June 18th: (father’s day weekend)

Ride Fitzpatrick Mountain: 1pm until supper.
You have to ride up at least once to show your stuff but maybe we get a shuttle happening like last time for an extra ride down.

Let me know what you think!, like always, I’ll be there that’s for sure. – Cheers!

Birchwood Campground
It’s a nice family friendly campground. (I’m already booked with my family and some friends)
10k rails to trails ride from Fitzpatrick.
Covered community eating area.
Swimming pool and Pirate Ship for the kids

PS: Once again, Anitra says she ain’t cookin’ for y’all, but maybe I can throw a hot dog on the grill for you!

PPS: Feel free to do a day trip and join us on the hill if you don’t feel like camping.

Highlights in the area:
Uncle Leo’s Fine Ale - Pictou (just minutes from Birchwood, brewery only not a pub though)

Pictou County Pizza from Acropole Pizza in Pictou

Smith Rock Chalets - If you don’t feel like camping, get a cabin right on the hill.

There are awesome beaches in the area too. Caribou Provincial park as well.

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This year, if enough people commit to camp Saturday night, I will go in for a keg of Uncle Leo’s.

(Enough for me is 4 or more campers.)

I plan on attending if work allows at the time!

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I will run it by my wife but I believe she had a good time last year so we will likely come (with all of the pieces for our tent this time).

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That MacGyver job we pulled off was awesome. Hopefully, it will be drier too.

Getting to the point where I would need to order the keg or go with 2-3 growlers instead.

Who is planning on coming?

I can’t make it. My little guy is playing in a tourney that weekend.

I plan on making it out. All 6 of us, and just me riding.

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Looks like I will be making the drive up Saturday and tentatively staying Saturday night.


I found this listed on FB. I’m interested, there are 3 of us including our son. I’ll confirm soon if we are a go. Is the ride on Saturday thus leaving Sunday/Father’s Day for something else if we desire?
Thanks for organizing this. Sounds fun!

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Yes, @debv it is Saturday.

We’re a go. 2 adults and 1 child. Should we reserve a spot at the campground? We have a tent, is there a location we will be staying as a group? Where do we meet exactly? I think we’d camp Saturday night only.

Excellent @debv! I am looking forward to meeting you all.

There is a tent area that is not huge and you will be with others like @xaero. I will be fairly close too in a small camper.

I am booked in for Saturday night, are you staying Friday night as well? I may book the extra night just so its less rushed Saturday morning.

Yes, I am, @xaero.

I’m getting stoked. Should be fun.

I will be there with Karla and the little kids of the family (camping) and at least one other from work for the mountain. Not sure if he is going to camp out or not. How big are their kegs?

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I don’t know, @Chiz, how much can Karla and the kids handle?