Camping vehicles

Found this very fun article at … 01-17.html

Real bikers use these!! :wink:

That was a good thread. The wife and I plan on getting a tent trailer next year.

I keep saying “when the matrix dies i’m gonna get _________” and right now its a Ford E-350 Diesel :slight_smile:

You can’t beat those Fords. When my current F150 dies I want to get a 250 diesel. Hopefully it will only take 2o years to get there. :wink:

1977 Toyota Class C Motorhome…could be yours…

Just have to go get it, but that would be an adventure.


Those old Dolphins were notorious for destroying rear axles. This one doesn’t look to have had the full-floater rear end or duals added yet. Time bomb… I’d still love it, though.

Resurrecting a really old thread. Bought a tent trailer in August :slight_smile: