Can HRM get it right this time

I just don’t understand why people are allowed, in this day and age, to do something that has such a harmful impact on other people. Then again, don’t get me started on perfume!

If you follow the news you may already be aware that HRM has issued an all out ban on smoking in spaces where sporting activities take place. I trust this to include the common area and more importantly the bowl.
Anyone who has ever been to the bowl can see at any time riders pedaling around performing dangerous tricks helmetless. Not wearing a helmet is also a no no in the books of HRM law makers.
It seems that the enforcement officers can’t seem to enforce this rule now they claim that they will be enforcing a no smoking law as well.
I truly do applaud both laws as rideing helmet-less is as stupid as stupid gets. Almost as stupid as smoking.
I anxiously await to see results of this new sweep as I truly hope that most importantly, helmet-less riders put on lids, and smokers quit the disgusting disease of smoking.
In the meantime a word to the wise. If you are a helmetless rider and plan on going to the bowl to smoke, the chances are good that nothing will ever be said about it… However if the enforcement gods are good to the rest of us who give a rats ass, you will be fined beyond belief.
End of todays rant!!
Thanks for reading.

I’m not sure it is enforceable but I still applaud the effort

I think it’s going to be unenforceable because they’ve left it too open. They should just ban smoking anywhere that it will affect other people (in public-period.) Then there’s no question.

yeah my office building has no smoking signs all over thepalce but smokers smoke right next to the signs

I’m gonna ask them one of theses days how the group of them can’t read a 2 word statment and yet are employable

Businesses I think really need to be on-board when it comes to smoking. For example, if you work for the CDHA and you’re caught smoking on the property, they get your manager involved and there are some punishments that come into play that make a fine look like a walk in the park. It works pretty well for both staff, patients and visitors too.