Canada Cup XC Event coming to Kentville

This is a post I have been waiting for a very long time to be able to write. :slight_smile:

TrailFlow in partnership with The Town of Kentville is thrilled to announce that a Canada Cup XC race is coming to The Gorge in 2018! This has been a long time coming and a lot of hard work behind the scenes has been ongoing to make this a reality.

Huge thank you’s to everyone who has supported us and cycling in Nova Scotia over the years and continue to do so. This is a huge opportunity to showcase the great riding and hospitality Nova Scotia has to offer and we can’t wait for next summer to see it all happen.

Mark you calendars for August 18/19 2018 folks, the big show is coming to town! — with Town of Kentville, Bicycle Nova Scotia and Cycling Canada.

  • From Ryan and Michelled at Trailflow.

I’ve shared this post on Saint John Cycling FB page. This is fantastic news for the Atlantic provinces as a whole!


That is awesome! Thank you. It’s been a long time since the last one in NS was at Martock in 1994 I think.


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I stand corrected. I wasn’t cycling that year. Took a few sad years off of cycling.

No problem. Just happened to be sitting at my desk looking at the poster while I reading the post. 14 years ago!


Holy shit, I forgot about that poster. That was a fun race. I still have a gouge in my ass from sliding on it after misjudging a test jump over the ditch gap after we finished building the course.

And I really miss those parking lot drops.

Also, hey @nimzie, check this out.


Super cool!

Pretty sure that poster was your handiwork @brightwhite; including the original artwork. Am I right?
I’m guessing @nimzie has even more graphic memories of that gap.

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It was indeed, @macdeal. I have the original print with those chainrings hanging in my front hall.

And yeah, my crash was nothing compared to @nimzie’s fork snapping incident.

Ah, memories.


I think they call those nightmares, and physical therapy sessions. I still have a scar hidden under my moustachio from that exciting event. Was stoked to have such a sweet audience. @tossedsalad may even remember that.


Hey Folks,

Just a heads up that we have changed dates for next years Canada Cup. The new date is Aug 4/5 2018. More details to come :slight_smile:
For more info check out



I still have the t-shirt.

Yup, and Mark Boudreau breaking his collarbone on one of the stunts back in the woods, good times!

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Ha - was just perusing this old thread. Damn - that injury shut down the FreeRYde park pretty quickly after a lot of work. What a weekend. I wonder how many people were through Ski Martock campus that weekend @macdeal ? Any idea?

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