Cape split?

Gam Batte ne!

[Good luck eh!]

Last weekend we went up to the valley for some riding. We hit up the gorge trails in Kentville, and because we found our way around so good we decided to hit up the Cape Split trail, to finish up the day. The question is, are we allowed in there anymore? There was no signs mentioning it, but Eric seemed sure that we weren’t allowed in there any more. Does anyone know for sure? By the way we didn’t get hassled in any way, and the hikers we saw seemed jealous that we could ride in around 45 mins and ride out in about 20-25 mins.

I don’t think mountain bikes are excluded yet, however there is talk of excluding them in the plans that DNR are making for the area. I’m actually in the process of trying to organize a meeting with them through the NSMTBTA so that we can discuss a proposal the AVMBA submitted to DNR to have mountain bikes included in plans for Cape Split’s development. We’ll let everyone know how that goes when it happens. In the meantime, if anyone wants to send a letter to the NSMTBTA that we can take to the meeting with us as support, please send it to or you can send it to me.

Ride it anyways.

oh yeah we rode it. you can’t just turn around and not ride the trail after driving a fair distance to get there. plus i really enjoy that place.

I’d ride it, but I’d make sure ya don’t give no one any ammo, nameen? I wanted to this year, and I remember also seeing a lack of signage about it as well. Wanted to ride it so bad, but no bike on hand.

no ammo given (lol), maybe some more people in the world want a mountain bike. it was all good, we represented ourselves very well, answered alot of questions about the sport, with a smile, and seemed to have created some interest in the sport. as tempting as it looked, we even skipped the nice smooth path through the field by the entrance.

We rode Cape Split a couple of weekends ago. It was crazy busy and not a single person had a negative comment. Everyone thought we were crazy but they were all encouraging. It was especially amusing to see the reaction of a group of Japanese tourists. They barely spoke English but were very curious about our ability to ride the trail. One of them kept yelling after us, “Good try! Good try!” as we rode away . Quite funny.