Car Rack

I am debating on picking up a car rack with a minimum capacity of carrying 3 bikes. I was wondering if anyone could suggest some :slight_smile: I do not have a tow hitch currently and I have a hatch back. I havent been able to find something that would work with a hatch, but I am positive they are out there.

Thanks :smiley:

I use a Yakima three bike rack on the back of my Focus ST hatch. Works great. The one I have is the old version of the Fullback 3 IIRC.

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Nice car, is this the one I see in Cape Breton from time to time?

@Mog I’ll usually recommend going to a platform rack with a hitch if it’s in the budget (but tough to do with a centre exhaust!).

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Thanks. I haven’t been up there for a while, but used to go relatively frequently for client meetings.

I’ll echo what brightwhite said. Before I got a vehicle with a hitch and moved to a hitch mounted rack, I used to use a trunk mounted rack like shown in the photo. As long as your frame is shaped appropriately to accept the extended arms you should have no problem

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Thank you very much guys :slight_smile: