Chain / Cassette Wear

If you change your chain at recommended interval (using wear indicator), how many chains should you get before the cassette is replaced?

I realize YMMV, but what is your experience?

3 to 4.

Trying a higher end chain over a cheap chain to see it it takes longer to wear. Last chain was cooked at 550 km.

Sometimes if the chain doesnt mesh right off it will after 50 ish km.

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I have yet to see a chain wear indicator that works. Best bet is a park tools spoke length ruler.

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Do you have a rule of thumb you use or just go by eye?

Are you getting the same milage as @SQUATCH?

I will add that my chains usually develop lots of slop paired with stretch.

I have also killed a new chain on flat ground with less than a kilometer on it (I won’t buy Shimano Chains anymore).

Welcome to being a 250 pound mountain biker.

i usually get 2 chains for every cassette, I am sure there is plenty of variables for something like this, like type of cassette nickle plated vs non, type of chain, type of grime chain is exposed to, rider power, I am sure there is other stuff too.
these are fairly accurate
or ya can try this


I normally just ride until the cassette shatters…