Hey guys another newb question for yas
Looking at putting on a new chain ring. Are most of u guys just running one ring? My bike now currently has 2
Also dont really know the benefit of more and less teeth as well. Currently my outer ring is 36T.
My bike is a 10 speed trek x caliber 8
Any info or maybe reccomendations on brandnames guys r using would be appreciated.
Currently looking at a raceface 36T on CRC
Thanks in advance guys

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It will depend what you ride. When I got my bike, I switched it from a 2x10 to a 1x10, and I won’t go back. It makes shifting easier, and you don’t have to think about it. Just higher or lower with one hand.

What you lose is the extreme gears. I don’t have an easy enough gear to climb a mountain, nor a big enough gear to bomb down a fire road. But, generally, I’m not doing those things, so I don’t miss them at all.

Yeh thats true. I dont use my inner ring a whole lot anymore but im prob better off to keep it.

I’d say if you aren’t using them both then go 1x. My old bike I went from a 3x8 to a 1X8, with a 32T and never had an issue with it. It’s definitely not fast on the road but never had a climb I couldn’t do. Plus it looks cooler!

Yeh maybe ill try it out. I can always put my inner ring back on. Inner isnt worn very much. My outer isnt toast but showing signs from alot of use this year

A 36 tooth chainring is pretty big for 1x, especially if you are running an 11-36 cassette, which is common for 10 speed. Unless you don’t climb anything at all steep (or you have really strong legs), 30 or 32 tooth would probably be a better choice.

I run 30 on a 11 42 and 34 on 11 46. And still will find stuff that says nope