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Hey guys. I just started using this new app that connects with Strava. It’s a really cool way to look back at your ride.


Neat stuff. A great way to get a mental image of a ride area.

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I agree. I really like how it drops your photos on the map and highlight something like your max speed or highest elevation. It’s a really cool way to remember a ride.

Can this be done after the fact? If it can, it would be good for your farside recon trip @jeffv

So you have to hook up your Strava account and after that any time you upload a ride (must be ride and not a commute, run, etc…) and after you upload the ride to Strava you have 15 mins to upload any photos to the ride and change its name etc…

It has to be after signing up. I suspect I’ll be doing more exploring.

Connecting farterside to the camps by BLT would bring unwanted traffic up into far side, I think as it would be a quick way to get into Suzie’s Lake. So I’m still looking for a good route.

I’ve been using the app, it’s pretty neat for map geeks like me. Check out @adventurer’s Moab ride …now that’s impressive.

Seems like a dead/non public link.

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Worked for me.

Try this:


Worked! Thanks.

Thats sweet!!! Looks like so much fun!

Sweet awesome ride @ adventurer the legend! so when are we guys going for Moab? :laughing: