Chester trail reccomendations

Any reccomendations on trails in chester? Wife is going to sensea spa and I was thinking about hitting up a local trail while I wait.
Doesnt have to be singletrack

Do you have a gravel bike? The rail trail runs through there

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I’ve heard mountain bikes also work ok on rail trails🙃

@DEBO there’s some nice singletrack not too far away in Mahone Bay. It’s not on trailforks or any other maps but the folks at Sweet Ride Cycle can point you in the right direction.

You could also bike to the top of Castle Rock for an awesome ocean view. The starting point is the rail trail parking lot in East River. It’s just a short rail trail and then double track ride but the view at the top is worth it. This one is on Trailforks.


A little further down the road too are the M.A.R.C trails in Bridgewater.
Haven’t had a chance to check them out myself, but I’m hoping to get down at some point.


Thanks as usual fellas. Prob just hit up rail trail so i dont get lost and have the wife fuming when I dont show up lol

I think there is some just to the left once you start on the gravel from Mahone Bay to Lunenburg

Chester also has a skatepark, which is not too far from the rail trail, if you’re looking for a place to play.


Thanks Derek. This sounds perfect for the amount of time I have. Love a good view and a beer haha


Little off topic from biking but any good breweries that serve good food as well in chester?