Chickz, Fitz, and Gritz

That IS awesome. Next year I’d like to make it 31.

The Fitz trails are superb right now and things are shaping up great for this event. Some great prizes!! Should be some wicked eats too since it’s a potluck. Who’s plaaning on attending? I know of at least 10 Trail’r Park Girls attending, a bunch of Ride Girls, a few Mud Lasses, and a few Truro women are in too. Don’t forget there’s a prize for ‘Best Outfit’.

Go here for more details on this event:

I would love to be there but there’s no way I can get the day off. I will be sending up a few small prizes, however. I’ve been encouraging people to check it out because I know you gals are gonna have a blast.


30 women showed up for this event…it was awesome!!!