Chromag Coffee!

Since the weather isn’t allowing for much biking lately, I’ve had to find my bike related fix elsewhere and I figure I would let the cat out of the bag;
I have been talking with the owner of Chromag Bikes and we are collaborating on a special edition batch of coffee! Being my favorite company, I am beyond ecstatic to have the opportunity to roast coffee for their headquarters and riders! They are also picking up some of my previous developed MTB blends too. This is far from a big commercial run or anything too crazy but definitely my favorite order to date! :grin::coffee:


Forgot to post an update but these beauties are on their way to Mr Ian Ritz to supply the Chromag employees and riders with gourmet caffeine :heart_eyes:

I have a special box of goodies on its way from Chromag as well!


Im getting excited to receive my shipment now!

I wasn’t able to get a chance to go online to post anything but it landed over the holidays! Sadly this resulted in me missing out on them tagging me in their Instagram stories but, I did get a follow on Instagram from them! Totally nerding out about that now, my wife doesn’t get how cool it is :joy: