Clark Kent trail at McIntosh Run

A new entrance trail called “Clark Kent” is being built at McIntosh Run, connecting the current Divide trailhead to a new trailhead in an HRM park near Herring Cove road. Permissions were granted by the landowner (HRM) in 2019 under an amendment to the original 2016 trail agreement. CK will provide more true green-circle trail, in response to community feedback, and a trailhead outside the subdivision and near a major road.

MRWA crew and volunteers started roughing in CK last November, and we are further along now. Fresh benchcut and fresh dirt is in place thanks to some tireless efforts!


The dirt is not tamped or shaped to drain yet. It rained A LOT on this fresh dirt. Ruts or foot prints will set back trail building, and possibly trigger eroson and loss of dirt. Please stay off, and tell your friends.

I’ll post updates here. Thanks!!


That will be a fantastic addition when it’s ready, great efforts and hard work obviously, such beastly terrain to make rideable.
Fresh trails are like new babies, they need extreme care until they’re old enough to withstand a bit of rough play! :laughing:


This sounds great. I did the Green Nora and Warren Loop and found it very challenging. I am an old newbie mountain biker. Is there is a work / volunteer schedule for people to help with this trail?


There is a calendar on the MRWA website ( and you can also sign up as a volunteer to get emails about upcoming events like trail work sessions ( Hope to see you at a build soon!

There was a work day last week specifically for Clark Kent, but tomorrow there is a work day for Nora and West Pine;

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Just rode it… this is an awesome trail to warm up/cool down on!


Just a heads up for those not following MRWA’s social media already.

Work is underway on a GIANT BOARDWALK across the unfinished wet area at the start of Clark Kent at Hartlen Park. The original plan was a boardwalk, but MRWA’s been exploring different options over the past few months. We’re back to a boardwalk, and key volunteers are available, so the game is on!

Incredible progress has been made over the past week, thanks to contributions from many people (in small groups, not all at once, owing to gathering-size restrictions), including some people on this forum, neighbourhood folks, etc Hopefully it will be wrapped up before Christmas!

Small groups of bubbled volunteers are also starting work on some of the soft spots on CK, adding drainage etc, in preparation for the added trail traffic the boardwalk will bring.

This pic is from 3-4 days ago. Much of the decking is now tacked in place.


Thanks for the update, @Lawrence!

I must admit, I avoid Facebook for my own sanity and often miss the posts. So sharing here is appreciated.

The one thing I miss from avoiding Facebook is the trail system posts.


Are they looking for a hand working on the boardwalk. Very experienced carpenter with my own cordless tools. I have some down time this week


We are on the verge of running out of lumber until the mill can saw and deliver more, and that might shut us down for a bit. I’ll be in touch by message here to keep you posted.


FYI: I was part of a small crew working on the mucky section of Clark Kent near the end of the boardwalk, and despite 6.5 hours of work put in by a hardy crew of four, it’s still very soft and needs time before it’s completed. I strongly suggest staying off that section of trail (note: I’m not an official, or even unofficial, spokesperson for MRWA. I just know that traffic on that trail at this time will not help anyone.) Thanks!


Very true. The section of boardwalk is coming along but as Ian noted, things are very soft. If you want to roll up and take a peek, do so but I do not recommend trying to walk along beside the boardwalk unless you are prepared to walk in 8-10 inches of soupy mud.

Also just a reminder that Clark Kent is new and still fragile specially now due to some of the current frosts.

A good rule of thumb is if you are leaving ruts, don’t ride it. It’s not asking much to roll up to the Divide entrance.

I know it’s a great new trail but common sense needs to prevail to preserve our trails.



I honestly wouldn’t even roll up to it. There’s plenty of seepage from the ground uphill off the trail, and we were leaving footprints behind even after laying gravel. The trail tread needs to be raised above the seepage level, and we just didn’t have time or materials to do that yesterday.

You’re right that it’s a great fun trail (when dry) and that mistreating it now will just lead to more work and frustration all around. :wink:

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That spot you worked on is a surprisingly huge PITA! Once the boardwalk is complete we’ll be able to access it more easily to bring in rock, lumber, explosives, whatever… !

  • actually lol’ed at that.

Explosives eh. Plastique? TNT? Claymore? Pipe bombs or cans of gasoline

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Probably aerial delivery.

“high precision”
“terrestrial targets”
sounds perfect for trail building.

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Need laser designated targets for satellite guided air to land missiles

Explosives are generally better at removing dirt than filling it in. Catapult or Trebuchet?

Trebuchet is better for long range… catapult is more like a shotgun with scatter… it would be good for clearing trees

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