Clear cutting in Victoria Park

Apparently there were some disesed trees in there. I was riding through those trails the day they started clear cutting. Had the head phones blasting then a tree fell in front of me… I didn’t hear the saws… lol. Talked to buddy for a bit and he said they were just clearing out some trees that were effected so it didn’t spread. Don’t know if that is the 100% truth, but it’s all I have heard.

On another note… The town is apparently building a bridge at the very back of the reservoir this summer so there will be a nice big loop around the entire lake which will be awesome.

Was in Victoria Park for a short ride today. What’s the story with the clear cutting at the top of the Park? Some clearing as been done near the old boxcar.
Unless it’s my imagination, the trails seem to be getting rougher in Victoria Park. More exposed roots mainly. The trails must be experiencing significant wear. The pump track also seems to be fading. The humps are wearing down.