Clipless pedal shoes

Well this year might be the year I have to replace my biking shoes, I’ve been wearing a pair of Sidi Dominators for a long time now and the soles are totally tearing off. I’m tempted to bring them to a cobbler to see what they can do about replacement. I doubt i’ll be buying new Sidi’s because they are crazy expensive.

My question for those who are using clipless pedals is, what brand(s)/model(s) of shoes are you using?

I’ve been very happy with my Louis Garneau shoes.

I have some shimano spd mountain bike shoes. they are actually pretty comfortable

I have had long life from my Louis Garneau (I think they were technically listed as Cyclocross shoes). Their price points seem pretty good to me depending on the features of the shoe.

I’ve used Specialized Rockhopper and then Specialized Tahoe. I prefer a lace-up hiker-style shoe, rather than a racer-style. Probably switching to a Giro Junction or Giro Rumble. Nothing wrong with the Specialized shoes - I’ve just worn them out - the sole pulling away from the body of the shoe - and my LBS doesn’t stock Specialized products anymore. … 14831.html

I rode Sidi megas for a while they’re great. BUT I’m down to one bike now so I ride flat and just giver. Honestly I’ve noticed very little difference but thats a whole other can of worms isn’t it ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been looking at the Giro shoes, particularly the Privateer model, they look pretty nice and they are getting some good hype on the interwebs.

Flats are always an option (I do put them on for a change sometimes) at this stage in the game I’m not really concerned with going fast, riding cleanly and smoothly is what makes me happy. Maybe it’s a logical progression going back to rigid forks now flats. I really like the feeling of being connected to the bike that clipless pedals give, the thing I miss most when switching to flats is climbing efficiency… spinning vs mashing.

Bontrager RL Mountain shoes. Crazy comfortable. Not so great off the bike, but why would you be doing that? :wink: