Closed Poll: ECMTB Logo

Hey folks,

Here are the logo designs for ECMTB branding. Please help us by voting for your favorite.

This will be used for site, banners, stickers, t-shirts, etc…

  • Sprocket Badge

  • Silhouette Rider

  • Mud Splat Tire Track

  • Rider Descending

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Note, the logo design settle on will likely go through another round of re-work and tweaks. So please consider the overall design, not just the implementation you see here.

If you haven’t chimed in on the poll, please do. We need to close it and live with it soon.

You could be the tie breaker!

I wonder what it would cost to get in kahoots with East Coast Life Style :slight_smile:

This poll has 60 views but only 13 votes? Really? Come on folks, now’s your chance to have a say.

Its been 10 days… we have a winner with the cog logo.

I suggest we keep the mud splat logo in mind for a t-shirt where we want something on front and back.

Thanks for showing your support!