Cool article- Just Say Hi

Saw this on NSMB this morning-

Just Say Hi

It’s odd, I always say hi to both other riders and hikers when on the trails, I usually stop to give the hikers the right of way and have a quick ‘How’s it going? Great day!’. Cyclists often don’t even bother to return the ‘hello’ and I don’t understand it at all… stuck up pricks? do I look like a dangerous pyscho? I don’t know. I don’t expect someone to stop and chat but is it so hard to say a quick ‘hi’ in passing? Obviously not everyone remains silent but it’s happened enough that it stands out to both me and the friend I usually ride with. Anyone else experienced this?

I’m more a of a waver. I guess I spent too many years on a motorcycle.
But often I don’t get anything back either, so it’s not just you.

Or maybe it is…and we both look like dangerous pyschos

Hmmm…my experience has been the opposite. Very rarely does someone not reciprocate with a hello or at least a nod. Maybe you guys should come riding with me :wave:

Yeah, I always get the high back. Hell if i’m passing someone on foot and there’s not 40 of us around, I say hi to them.

Maybe I shouldn’t have said that it happens ‘often’… but enough times to be odd.

I rarely encounter other people out on the trails but when I do I always say hi usually well in before I’m close to them. ATV riders mostly just wave, many hikers I run into want to chat and usually ask me for directions or where more trails are. Aside from the people I’m riding with I almost never meet other riders using the same trails but everyone acknowledges in some way. I’m suspicious of anyone who doesn’t, just seems like they’re up to no good.

Never occurred to me that they might be up to no good… I just figure they are dicks…

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I have a tale of two roads, one paved were it seems that every one is in the final leg of the tour and no one waves let alone makes eye contact. the other would be in the dirt where it is a world of difference as more often than not you end up stopping to chat even if only for a few seconds.