Crank help needed

The kind folks at Bikes Plus fixed me up with a spacer today and things seemed to be fitting better. I’l give it the ride test tomorrow to know for sure.

I have a Stylo crankset and have installed it successfully in the past. However I recently changed the bearing in my pivots and had to remove the crank to do so. Now the crank shaft doesn’t want to slide all the way through the bottom bracket and sit flush along the drive side. If I loosen off the non drive side bearing the shaft will go all the way through, but as soon as I tighten it the shaft pushes back out.
What am I missing?
I don’t think I lost any parts when I took it apart.
Any help or suggestion would be great.

is the frame bearings seated properly… the chainring may be contacting the frame somewhere?

The shaft doesn’t have a groove worn in it or look bent/ have a shiny polished spot on it? Might be a thought.

bottom bracket spacer to change it from 68mm -73mm. that’s my guess

Thanks for the tips guys.
I’ve been working a bit of OT and hope to have time to look at it again tomorrow.