Critical Mass via Fatbike

I did a Critical Mass here in St. John’s with my fatbike. A tad over 100 bikes (4 fatties) and it was one of their largest turnouts. I shot some video of the event. Has anyone else participated in one?

Critical Mass via Fatbike

Went to one once, never again. Most of the people were more interested in doing all they could to antagonize drivers (riding into the oncoming lane to make drivers swerve around them, kicking cars as the passed them) than trying to show drivers that bikes are “traffic”, that coupled with one chick who was so whacked out of her head on shrooms or some other hallucinogen that she was spewing a continuous stream of nonsensical profanity at whatever it was that she was seeing in her head.

I was told this was all relatively normal.

No thanks.

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Jeeze . . . that was unfortunate @Slider. It would indeed leave a bad taste in your mouth. My experience was anything but that. I guess the ride becomes what the people are.