CushCore. Front and Rear or Rear Only?

For those of you who use cushcore, do you run it in front and rear or only rear? Would there be much benefit running it both front and rear?

Deciding if I want 1x or 2x kits.

Don’t run anything in my rims, but up till now I have only ever damage rear rims.

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Thats my thinking, but worried Ill miss out on some other benefit I dont know.

If you find you are still experiencing tire roll even with thick casing tires, could be worth running front and rear so you don’t need to run super high pressures. Just my thoughts, I run hucknorris but it doesn’t help much with tire roll lol.

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Me and a few buddies are running Nukeproof ARD on the rear. Love how it “fills” the tire so you can really lower the tire pressure without risking sidewall flex. Just my opinion


More info in this thread


Well went with Cushcore for the Full sus and ARD (70 bucks shipped for both tires) for the hardtail. Will be able to “test” both.


Also thanks! That was helpful