Custom ECMTB Decals

Our ECMTB logo has been added to the Velo Ink website, so you can now design your own custom ECMTB decals.

Look for East Coast Mountain Biking in the drop down list of flags/logos. Use coupon code “WELCOME10” for a 10% discount.

Get creative and show us what you come up with.


Has anyone ordered these? Curious about service, shipping times, etc.

I haven’t ordered but service seems pretty good. I emailed about adding our logo and they got back to me right away and added it same day.

Website says free shipping worldwide. I would expect at least a week or two to deliver.

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I ordered some. I think it said they normally ship in 2-3 days and to allow 2-3 weeks for delivery with the free shipping option. They’re based in Maine, so it might not take that long depending on how the mail gets routed.


Got my stickers today. Took two weeks to arrive after the shipping notification. Mine are glossy and transparent:

I plan on putting one on either side of the top tube on my bike as well. It’s pretty dirty at the moment though so I’ll wait until I clean it.


@camurray this is where I got the stickers

@Jetter - Thanks, will take a look at the site.