Cyclesmith sale

You guys have prob already seen this. Looks like they’ve got a kona precept 120 for $1000. Seems like a pretty screaming deal to me.
Similar model was pretty favourably reviewed on


@muddy There are some Rocky Mountain Blizzard 10 Fat bikes on sale for $950


Yup just pulled the trigger on the blizzard! Seems super fun so far. Anyone have any recommendations for studded fatbike tires for a reasonable price?

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@Drgonzo The Snow Avalanche is one amazing tire and is available studded. Snowshow XL is also available studded and is pretty decently priced compared to others.

If you’re not keen to spend full price on new tires, I might part with my Snowshoe XL’s and try the new Avalanche.

Hmm interesting, let me know how much/what condition they’re in!

Mostly good shape, low mileage but a lost a couple of shoulder lugs to the granite in Whopper last season before I realized what I was doing. I’ll snap some pics and send you a message.