Dark theme testing

Continuing the discussion from Font Awesome:

Fyi… we are testing some dark theme settings.

I like it!!

Geez, ECMTB is just as bad as bike companies, forcing you to live with their new ‘standards’’!

On a serious note, I like it. Surprised me when i first opened the page though.

Yeah it’s much easier on the eyes. Once you get past the initial shock.

It’s different but I think I like it!

I’m finding it harder on the eyes than the light theme, also the ecmtb logo gets a bit lost in the header.

Yeah, we need to do something about the logo. The light theme has issues with the title as it crosses the darker banner image.

We can tweak some of the colors, and can switch back pretty easily.

The light grey quoted text box with the blue hyperlinks is pretty much unreadable, everything else looks pretty good so far.

I like the darkness . . . but I’m holding out for the “Boost 148” version. :smile:

Some text colours are hard to read though.