Daytime Riding Fight Trail or Evil Birch

I’ve got a schedule that allows time to ride during the afternoons during the week. Wondering if Fight trail is accessible before 5pm? What about Evil Birch? I know that there is work going on in both spots and wondering if anyone goes to those trails during weekdays and what the protocol is or whether we should stay away.

Any advice experience welcome.



Cannot comment on Evil Birch, but I have ridden Fight during the day when work is going on and there are no issues whatsoever. If you are driving I wouldn’t park on Mica, which is the street the entrance is on, but parking near the houses already built and lived in is fine. Then just ride in as normal…

Hope this helps…

Thanks, did fight last week and no problems.

Best to stay away from EB during regular business hours. Since you have to cross a working quarry, you risk drawing the ire of the big trucks and their drivers. They’re pretty good about not hassling us on the evenings and weekends, so I wouldn’t want to push my luck during the day.

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Good advice. thanks!