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Okay - here’s a very general source; has a classified section where many roadies (some MTBers) post their pre-owned gear. As I cannot at this time vouch for a particular seller, I’d say it’s caveat emptor - but this is the time of year when many gear-heavy (???) racers sell off this season’s kit. Deals do await the savvy shopper…

Sale items found here and there

Okay, figure I’ll get this rolling (and I have NO commercial interest in this!)
EBay seller Douglas Kartz (Milton, ON) hosts the shop; wideworldofsportsjerseys.

I mention this because he has ‘a couple of thousand’ vintage and new European cycling jerseys he sells on auction as low as $5.

Watch those measurements closely, I typically buy a size larger and my collection has grown from none in June to 12 today - including… Long Sleeves!!!

Doug accepts PayPal and MO and Christmas is coming!

  • Bill

For MTB folks, I’ve run across a young fellow (again in Ontario) Connor Dawson. He typically has a ton of pre-owned gear for sale and accepts COD. I’m hesitant to mention the online cycling community where I met him 'cos that might violate pedaltrout rules (!!!). PM me for his email and I’ll pass it along.
Connor’s the teenaged entrepreneur that provided me with the Titec seatpost I have on my bike. And I ain’t never gonna cut that bad boy down!

  • Bill

Thanks for the tips on the jersey’s… I am going shopping.