Deathmarch Dead?

Took a spin around Whopper today and went to check out Deathmarch, only to find it pretty much grown in, at least at the beginning. So much so it was nearly unrideable. Needless to say, I turned around and went elsewhere.

Is this part of Whopper done for good, or did I not go in far enough???

The last time i rode it two years ago it was in the same condition… as you get into the woods it was not as bad but obviously not being ridden much, if at all… kind of a shame as it has some of the most technical features in Whopper.

It would seem to me that the Lake Loop has taken over in popularity for riders at Whopper. It is a great trail with something for everyone.

The trail on the other side if the powerline is a great piece of singletrack to check out as well. I believe it is called “The Other Side”. Tight, twisty and rooty is a great way to describe it.

I don’t get into whopper much, but when I do that is where I head to first, so much fun.


I don’t get into whopper much, but when I do that is where I head to first, so much fun.[/quote]

You have to admit though that the grind back along the powerline sucks Particularly the first half after coming out of the woods

I don’t mind the power line so much, it’s not the best part of the trail for sure. The amount I get to ride lately if I’m on my bike in the woods I’m pretty happy as long as there isn’t tons of mud :slight_smile: Sometimes I just turn around and go back through the single track, it’s pretty fun in reverse too.

Yeah I have ridden it in reverse too. It is great that way as well

Got any trimmers?

Is death march slated for destruction? If not, a bit of love would easily revive that trail…

I don’t know the names of the trails at whopper but here’s a link to a map I did in a previous post that would help determine it’s ultimate fate

I am pretty sure it is safe from destruction. The other side, lake loop, death march, and Suzie Q (lake loop west?) should all be safe.

Yeah…Pelham and I tried to ride it the other day…just decided to turn around…if anyone has a battery powered or gas trimmer…I’d gladly borrow it and start cleaning it in the next week or two.

If you ride “the Otherside” (or “the Flipside”) there is a trail that goes back in on the left side of the powerline trail and connects with the Lake Loop. It starts as a tight four-wheeler track but turns into some classic Whopper singletrack. Makes for quite a nice ride when you link them together. I’m thinking this part may have a name but I don’t know it.

I’ve heard of that back entrance as being called Suzie Q or Lake Loop West now with the signs.

Has anyone here heard of gravedigger?? I only found this section two days ago, its the small line that runs out to the lower section of the parking lot. Has a few huge man made drops in there, one needs a little work on the landing section but overall both are in good shape. Have to get in and fix this soon so it can be ridden again

Is that the same as stunt loop?

I went back in there last year…from the bottom up…looked worn down and unridden. The drops terrified me a bit too.

Yes, that was the name of the trail… grave digger was a specific stunt, if I remember correctly.

Anyone know anything about “The Green Mile” that splits off from “Suzie Q/Lake Loop West”? I think there was a sign last year but I didn’t see it last time I was in there. I rode in for a few minutes but it didn’t seem to be getting much love.

I always thought the stunt loop was “Proudest Monkey”.