Decent price?

Looking at this used 24" for my 8 year old. Heard good reviews on these mec bikes but not sure what they were priced at new
Anybody know if this is a decent price? Gonna ask if theyll take $300

They are great bikes, my daughter has one and so did my nephew. Hydraulic disk brakes.

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This one has mechanical disk brakes but i think $300 seems like a decent price

My son’s had mechanical brakes, still an excellent bike. New they were $500+. Considering the current bike supply/demand it won’t last long at that price.


Went and had a look. It was actually in pretty rough shape. Grip shifts i could hardly turn. Back wheel wasnt spinning freely.
Rust around cranks and front derailleur


Unfortunately they’ll probably still have no trouble unloading it.

Just found this one. No disc but looks like a pretty sweet ride. Aluminum frame. Said theyll take 350

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Looks good. Even has a derailleur protector. Didn’t know those were still a thing.

I wouldn’t get hung up on disc brakes. Some people managed decades without them. Even pros.


Yeah I wouldn’t get too hung up on the specs… he’s only going to be on it for one or two seasons before you have to up size again.

Yeh true. The big thing is aluminum frame and functional front sus. Those steel bikes so heavy for young kids

Just got this one yesterday for 70 bucks Liv version. And yes it has a derauiller protector. I would stay away from those QR axles with disc rotors brakes they keep misaligning rubbing into the rotors when not even braking.


70 bucks! Sweet deal!