Deer Leg Trail

Well, the Deer Leg Trail at the Cob is officially opened for your riding pleasure… it’s not 100% complete but with the dry conditions, it’s good to go.

This new addition adds a cool new loop that takes you across the Highlands down to the River Trail… I’ll be working on some signage to help out those new to the trails.

I’m thinking we should head up there for a weekly ride maybe next week? (Weather pending)

Come on up… the trail door is always open.

That turned out great. Look forward to getting out there again…perhaps on the weekend. Well done

Ken, the work you put into those trails is outstanding! Major kudos to you! I loved my first ride there and am looking forward to getting out there again soon. I want to revisit Snake Line- that was a blast… is there a comprehensive map of the trails available? I saw the crayon (?) drawing on the Facebook page but it’s a little unclear to me what is what on that one…

Thanx for the kind words… :slight_smile:

Properly remapping the trails is on my list of things to do but to be honest, it’s not my forte. There are gps files of most of the trails but they need to be better labelled and cleaned up with some new trails added in. Thanx for bringing it up though as I forget how confusing the trails can be for new riders…

There is a solution for the lack of trail knowledge… come on out and ride 'em… :smiley: … I think Mike is going to have the Sportwheels ride out here this coming Tuesday and I’ll be spending either Sunday or Monday working on them…

“PedalTrout Ride (sponsored by sportwheels)” :slight_smile:

My bad… :expressionless: