Delaps cove

No, I only took pictures of the completed sections to add to Garnet MacLaughlin’s portfolio. I will be doing a “before and after” album. Garnet had a mini hoe for moving some larger stone and moving gravel as well as a hydraulic wheelbarrow which is basically a narrow dumptruck but the driver sits facing the box. For handtools we used firerakes or MacLeods, fire axes or pulaskis, round mouth shovels, pruners, chainsaw and rock prybars.

Who has been there?
Is it a good place to ride?
There seems to be a lot of old roads in the area
and some wilderness trails.

Like I commented on the photo, Sue and I have hiked in there and there were sections that you would be carrying your bike for sure.
However, looking at the photos it appears that there has been some considerable work done improving the trail so perhaps it is ridable every where now. There were bike tracks visable at the time and I commented how fun it would be to ride it.
The scenery is awesome!!

There is a group of little trees there on the beach that grew into a natural tent shape, complete with a door and a hollow inside. I want to sleep in it some night.

I know that of which you speak. Newfoundland is covered in trees like that - we call them Tuckamore -and it’s a bugger when you have to hike through them because they wind themselves together and they’re damn near impossible to get through.

We must learn to embrace the trees, Sue. Simply hike 48.2 km’s around them. All will be well.

I’d like to bike Delaps some day. Seemed like a sweet spot if you were already up in the area.

If you’d been with me last ride at Grunter you’d know that I TOTALLY embrace the trees.

I have to agree with Troy that unless the entire Delaps Trail has been completely overhauled it would be practically impossible to bike many parts of it. It’s a beautiful hike, though - definitely worth the trip.

At least 85% of the trail has been overhauled. We finished the work today. The only areas you may still need to get off your bike are getting onto a couple of bridges. I would strongly suggest that you give the new gravel put on the trail time to pack down before biking it. I must tell you that the county rec department who looks after the trail is not promoting it as a biking trail but I have biked it and will do it after a month at least. There is a second trail in Delaps Cove called Charlie’s which is certainly not any fun to bike. Someday we hope to overhaul it.

That’s amazing, Terry. It’s a beautiful spot - when we were there I was shocked to see no one else on the entire trail, even with a bustling campground practically on top of it. I hope to get back this summer again at some point.

Yeah, talk about scenery, in Sept, 2008, a group of us went on a hike on the trail and when we walked out on the shore this is what greeted us.

It was a humpback calf and it was identified through the help of the fisheries dept. It had last been seen off of the coast of Maine with its mother 4 weeks before. I never heard what it died from. It was gone from the shore within a week.

Do you have any pictures of the trail being worked on?
What kind of equipment was used.