Deleting topics?

How do you delete a topic you created? I posted a FS ad, the forum gave me an error message, so I tried again, turns out it was listing my post everytime!
I could not figure out how to delete the topics.

Sorry for the numerous posts!

no issues…I’ll take care of it.

I deleted the extras.

The “…” opens to reveal a trash can. Click that. Also, the pencil can be used to edit.

Its part if the forum software and the philosophy of the people who made it. (Its an open source project)

If someone posts a topic and then someone else responds the whole thing is now owned by the community not the original poster.

If anything is posted that is offensive admins can delete but thats not how we want to handle marking things in buy and sell as sold.

Mark the title of the post as SOLD (or DELISTED) is sufficient to signal it is no longer for sale.

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